The content of any letter of protest prepared and signed by the master is to be ___________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" passed to the owner / charterer or their agent
Soru Açıklaması
"The master of every ship carrying hazardous cargo other than in bulk- whether it is, or may be, explosive, flammable, toxic, health- threatening, or environment polluting- shall in organizing safe watch keeping arrangements take full account of the nature, quantity, packing and stowage of the hazardous cargo and of any special conditions on board, afloat and ashore." Considering this rule, complete the following statement in case the cargo is _________ , the master must consider __________ while arranging ________ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" hazardous/ the nature, quantity, packing and stowage of the cargo/ watch keeping
Soru Açıklaması
The Gross Tonnage of a ship is ___________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" the total volume of all closed spaces of a ship in ft³, divided by hundred (100)
Soru Açıklaması
The main aim of the Classification Society is ____________ .
Doğru Cevap: "E" to observe if the ship is seaworthy and is capable of carrying the corgo she has been designed to carry
Soru Açıklaması
The term "vessel" is different from the term "ship" in that the term vessel is used for ____________ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" floating craft smaller than "ships"
Soru Açıklaması
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, This is to certify that Mr.Walden has worked on board the "BEAUTY" as a captain since 1995 . He has specialized in the Far Eastern container trade. Owing to his great experience in handling the refrigerated goods, we found him and his services very useful and we can recommend him to be employed on any vessel. He is leaving us at his request and we are sorry to lose him. The MASTER OF THE M/V "BEAUTY" This is an example of a __________ .
Doğru Cevap: "D" testimonial
Soru Açıklaması
"There is no doubt that the scope of a pilot's duties have over the years been clearly defined. That he has exclusive control and conduct of the ship is seldom disputed, but this is very different from having command of the ship." It is implied in the above mentioned quotation that;
Doğru Cevap: "E" a pilot's exclusive control and conduct of a ship has been a point of dispute
Soru Açıklaması
Meteorologists are scientists who study ___________ and atmosphere?
Doğru Cevap: "B" Weather
Soru Açıklaması
When the engine refuses to start, which of the following situations cannot be a reason?
Doğru Cevap: "E" Overloading
Soru Açıklaması
Which of the following statements is not correct about tallying?
Doğru Cevap: "E" It's not anybody's responsibility if there's damaged cargo on board.
Soru Açıklaması

"You must shorten your cable to three shackles" is an order given by a pilot station ___________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" immediately before the pilot boards her to take her from waiting anchorage into harbour
Soru Açıklaması
Ullage is the _________________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" space left for the expansion of the heated oil
Soru Açıklaması
In case of abandoning the ship, which sentence is incorrect?
Doğru Cevap: "C" Have everyone take their earthly possessions.
Soru Açıklaması
If the survey reveals that a vessel's class has been affected, _____________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" Class recommendations will be carried out within the time limit given by the class society
Soru Açıklaması
The below mentioned part is; I. A11 cargo stowed open area, II. Cargo wet before shipment, III. Weight and quality as per shippers declaration.
Doğru Cevap: "A" a part of " master's Remarks" in a "Master's Receipt"
Soru Açıklaması
Light Displacement Tonnage is:
Doğru Cevap: "D" The sum of the weights of hull, machinery, engines, rigging, spare parts, all connected equipment.
Soru Açıklaması
Vessel requiring a health clearance (at night) should show a _______ , where it can be best seen.
Doğru Cevap: "C" a red light over a white light
Soru Açıklaması
The ability an object to float can be defined by:
Doğru Cevap: "D" buoyancy
Soru Açıklaması
________ survey, either general or partial according to the circumstances, should be made after a repair resulting from investigations or whenever any important repairs or renewals are made.
Doğru Cevap: "C" Additional
Soru Açıklaması
The __________ of a celestial body is the bearing of the body from your position, as measured clockwise from true North.
Doğru Cevap: "C" horizon
Soru Açıklaması

A fire started in the main engine room of a vessel when at sea. Both main engines were stopped by the crew. The ship had full electrical power supply during the event due to having a separate auxiliary engine room. The crew used CO2 and water to start the fire, which was finally extinguished after about 4 hours. Which of the underlined words must be changed to get a correct meaning?
Doğru Cevap: "B" stop
Soru Açıklaması
A receipt of goods shipped on board a ship signed by the person (or his agent) who contracts to carry them, and stating the terms on which the goods are carried is known as _________ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" Bill of Lading
Soru Açıklaması
A safety message is sent whenever ________ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" There is an important navigational or meteorological warning
Soru Açıklaması
A vessel overtaking another __________ of the overtaken vessel.
Doğru Cevap: "A" must keep clear
Soru Açıklaması
A vessel which is able to load and discharge by itself is called ____________
Doğru Cevap: "D" self-sustaining
Soru Açıklaması
A vessel which is not made fast to the shore, at anchor or aground and not moving through the water is _________ .
Doğru Cevap: "D" A vessel underway and stopped
Soru Açıklaması
A wind which first blows from South, then changes direction to blow from the South East, then changes direction to blow from the East is said to be ________ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" backing
Soru Açıklaması
According to COLREG 1972 and its supplement, the master is not obligated to be on the bridge himself;
Doğru Cevap: "A" While checking whistles daily
Soru Açıklaması
According to the International Code of Signal, the statement "I must abandon my vessel " is symbolized by means of the code letters _________ ?
Doğru Cevap: "A" AE
Soru Açıklaması
According to this clause of a charter party, if loading operation is performed on holidays, time spent for loading _____________ ; otherwise, these days _____________ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" shall count / shall not count
Soru Açıklaması

Acil durumda tüm merdivenler ve çıkışlar aydınlatılacaktır. Correct translation of this sentence into English is;
Doğru Cevap: "D" All stairways and exits shall be illuminated in an emergency lighted
Soru Açıklaması
Air draught means the same as _________.
Doğru Cevap: "C" height
Soru Açıklaması
Arrival message does NOT include __________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" position
Soru Açıklaması
"At its 20 th session in November 1997, 1MO's Assembly adopted resolution A. 850 (20) on "The Human Element: Vision, Principles and Goals" and, at the 21 st Assembly in November 1999, IMO passed a resolution whereby the prime emphasis in the Organization's work was shifted away from developing technical standards and towards the human factor. Resolution A. 900 (21) "Objectives of the Organization in the 2000s" pays particularly close attention to the importance of fostering a culture of maritime safety. This was deemed to be the Organization's prime mission in the early years of the new millennium." According to the above paragraph, the resolution adopted at the 21 st assembly focused more on ___________ than ___________ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" the human factor / developing technical standards
Soru Açıklaması
By means of radio, the captain of a ship can talk with men in other ships or with men ashore. _________, or if bad weather is ahead, he can be told of it in time to change his course.
Doğru Cevap: "E" He can learn if it is safe for him to go on his destination
Soru Açıklaması
Careless and improper handling of cargo during loading and discharging operations, improper stowage, fastening and lashing, improperly laid dunnage or lack of dunnage altogether, insufficient ventilation or lack of it and poor separation of cargo may be considered as the main ones. The passage is related with __________ .
Doğru Cevap: "D" damage to cargo
Soru Açıklaması
Cargo gear _________________ .
Doğru Cevap: "E" is used for purposes of loading and discharging
Soru Açıklaması
Coal shipped in wet condition _______________.
Doğru Cevap: "B" gains weight
Soru Açıklaması
COLREG defines a "vessel turning" as a vessel ________________ .
Doğru Cevap: "D" making a large alteration in course
Soru Açıklaması
Complete the following message with a proper message marker: " _________. Obstruction in the fairway"
Doğru Cevap: "A" Warning
Soru Açıklaması

Dear Sirs, I regret to inform you that due to the stoppage of the separating valve of the bilge manifold some water from the ballast tank on port side was pumped overboard together with the oil contaminated bilge water from the shaft tunnel. The cause of this contamination is purely technical and totally accidental. The CHIEF ENGINEER OF THE M/V . . . . . . . . . . . This correspondence is an example of;
Doğru Cevap: "B" notification
Soru Açıklaması
Depth from waterline to vessel's bottom is called;
Doğru Cevap: "C" draught
Soru Açıklaması
Displacement Tonnage of a ship is ______________ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" the amount of water spilled out by a ship, when it floats at a specific condition
Soru Açıklaması
Dredging operations by the M/V Gate from 10 Oct 13:00 hours to 11 Oct 03:00 hours in position 15 34'N,061 29'W. Wide …………………………
Doğru Cevap: "B" berth requested
Soru Açıklaması
Dünya sıcaklığındaki son değişimlerin nedenlerinden biri de ozon tabakasındaki deliktir. The English version would be _______ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" One of the reasons for the recent changes in the world temperature is the hole in the ozone layer
Soru Açıklaması
If a wind is going to freshen, it is going to __________ .
Doğru Cevap: "C" gain strength
Soru Açıklaması
For maintenance of class _________
Doğru Cevap: "B" The periodical (regular) and occasional (extraordinary) surveys must be performed
Soru Açıklaması
Going through water by force of wind with the help of the sails is known as :
Doğru Cevap: "D" Sailing
Soru Açıklaması
"I am not under command" means ________________ .
Doğru Cevap: "B" I am unable to manoeuvre as required by the Rules
Soru Açıklaması
Fire-fighting equipment ___________ .
Doğru Cevap: "A" should be regularly checked
Soru Açıklaması